Ayurveda Garden Tour 

Ayurveda helps you to live a healthy life. The science of life deals with lifestyle, food and herbs one should use in order to live a chemical free life.The tour focuses on major herbal plants which have major important role in our life


      Spice And Ayurveda 

  Spring valley,  Kerala

Bamboo Tree House
One of most famous attraction of our Spice Garden is our authentic tree house built completely on the strong Tamrind tree. The natrural wind motion on the tree house is a thrilling experience 

Spices Plantation Tour 

India is very famous for quality spices even during Imperial Era. Our plantation tours takes you to the magic land of spices. Our qualified guides help you in gaining knowledge through interactive experience  

Quality spices 
Authentic Herbs
Organic Farming Practices 
Knowlegeable Guides  
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Spice  And  Ayurveda  Plantation