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How to Use

Spice  And  Ayurveda  Plantation 

Sarvanga Thailam

Effective against arthritis, joint pain, back pain etc.

Usage: Apply 5-10 drops on the affected area and gently massage. Leave it on overnight. Use the pain regularly, until the pain is cured.

For faster relief, reduce intake of spicy and salty foods while using the medicine.

The oil has no expiry date, but make sure to keep the bottle closed at all times, to avoid dust and other particles from contaminating the oil.

Life 100

Effective in regenerating calcium and regulating movements of joints and reliving joint pains.

Usage: Consume one spoon after dinner. Drink half glass water or milk after five minutes. Consume the continuously for 45adys for best result.

Mehna Premeha Choornam

This medicine should be consumed for a minimum period of 3 months. Continue your regular tablets along with this medicinal powder. Please check your blood sugar on monthly basis to ensure control. Once the sugar level is under control, you can stop the use of tablets. But continue to use our medicinal powder. Once you finish the course and the sugar level is under control, then you need not reorder or use any medicines. But, if it is not under control repeat the course.

Usage: Mix ½ spoon powder in 1 glass of water and let it remain for 12 hours (6 pm – 6 am). Drink this mix in the morning on an empty stomach. The contents of each packet will last for 30 days.

Diet restrictions: Ensure that you follow strict diet control and regular exercise for a period of 1 year, after which you can eat all foods and live life without worries.  Even after 1 year, continue to do regular exercise and monitor blood sugar levels.

Hinguvachadi Choornam

Effective against acidity, gastric and constipation problems.

Usage: Consume ½ teaspoon of powder after dinner and drink ½ glass warm water after it. Continue to do the same continuously for the first 7 days and the on alternate days for the next 20 days.

Food restriction: Fermented foods like bread, idly,dosa and dal. Avoid consumption of alchoholic drinks while using the medicine.


 An effective solution to reduce fat .

Usage : Consume one spoon medicine empty stomach in morning and one spoon before you go to sleep. Dinner should be consumed 2 hours before sleep,

Diet restrictions : Avoid fat building foods and fermented food for atleast one month when taking the medicine.

Desamooladhi Lehyam

Very effective against ashthma, dust allergy, dry cough and chronic cough and cold

Usage: Mix ½ spoon medicine with honey or milk and have it just before going to sleep. If the problem is chronic take ½ spoon medicine after breakfast also.

Diet restrictions: Avoid salt, dry fish and alcohol while using the medicine.


Effective against internal and external piles.

Usage: Take one spoon medicine with one glass of water after dinner. Continue the procedure for 30 days if you have internal piles and 90 days if you have external piles.

Diet restriction : Avoid chicken and spicy food for a minimum period of 3 months.

Karporadhi oil

Effective treatment against migraine and insomnia

Usage: Apply 2 drops of oil on the centre of head, 1 drop on the centre of forehead 2 drops on the temples of head, 2 drop behind the ears and 2 drops on the tonsils, before bedtime. Use it continuously for the first 7 days  and the on alternate days for the next 20 days.


Effective against skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes etc.

Usage: Mix ½ spoon turmeric powder in one glass warm water. Add some salt powder and then clean the affected are. If the Affected area is on scalp just use warm water and wash the skin.

Then wipe it using a cloth and then apply the oil and wait or half an hour for skin to absorb the oil. The oil should be used regularly

Food restrictions: Avoid salt, dry fish and alcohol while using the medicine.

Wild Bringal Oil

An effective teeth cleaning solution. Helps in killing germs and keeping mouth fresh

Usage: Put 1 drop of oil on your regular tooth paste and brush with it. The oil has to be used only once in a week.

Caution: This is a strong medicine and it should not be used by children less than 13 years of age.


Dandadavana Choornam

Helps to increase the strength of gums and to remove stains from the teeth

Usage: After brushing your teeth with regular tooth paste, take a pinch of powder and use your finger tips to massage it onto the gums and teeth.