Spice And Ayurveda 

Spring Valley , Kerala

Spice  And  Ayurveda  Plantation 


Deepa world is your destination if you love nature and to experience nature from your heart. Deepa world spice and Ayurveda plantation offers you an educational and entertainment experience to you and your family. Visitors are provided with guides fluent in various languages. They take you through the plantations providing knowledge through visual treats along with smell and taste of raw spices and herbal plants. Tree house is the most enchanting attraction among them. A cup of coffee on the tree house is an unforgettable experience.

Located in various parts of the state Deepa World plantations produce and sell the quality spices and herbal products. Visitors can procure spices from our outlet while visiting. We also provide purchase through internet and through phone call. The products are then couriered to respective destinations.